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Why is kundalini energy sometimes disruptive?
The human body, according to Hatha and Tantra Yoga, contains energetic barriers to the premature arousal of kundalini; in other words, kundalini remains dormant until one is ready for it, and until one purposefully arouses it. Sometimes the person's
Koundinyasana, Koundinya's pose

kundalini experience is manageable and not disruptive. Other times it can be scary for the person, because they may experience sensations or movements that are unlike anything they have felt before. Unintended kundalini arousal can occasionally be embarrassing when it causes movements that you can't control, such as twitches or head movements. And it can be mildly to severely disruptive, even disabling. I have found severe reactions to be extremely rare. The most famous case of a severe reaction is that of Gopi Krishna, described in his book, Living With Kundalini (Shambhala, 1993, p. 1-7, 140-153).

What are some of the symptoms of disruptive kundalini? Disruptive kundalini causes an array of symptoms, which may include: insomnia or waking in the night; panic attacks; involuntary movements like shaking, twitching, arm waving, head tipping back, rocking or bouncing; enhanced perception such as in psychic phenomena; general bodily discomfort; the feeling that if you relax when the energy comes, it will get bigger and bigger and overwhelm you; inability to concentrate. For most people kundalini arousal is at times pleasurable, sometimes intensely so, though it is at other times disruptive.

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